What is Junior Lens?

Junior Lens is driven by the desire to nurture the never ending curiosity of the young men and women of tomorrow. Specially curated for 6-14 year old children, this fortnightly newspaper aims to share with them meaningful and relevant news and topics of general knowledge for an all rounded development.

During our journey as parents, it was often a challenge to share news with our curious 4 year old. Being an early reader, he would peer over our shoulders and try to make sense of the newspaper that both of us read compulsively and often fought over. When newspaper cuttings were to be taken to school we searched frantically for child friendly (and attractive) content in the raddi. That’s when we realized “something” was missing. And when an opportunity presented itself, creating that “something” became our passion. Junior lens is a product of that passion. We hope you and your children enjoy reading it as much as we enjoy making it!

Junior Lens was targeted to release as a print edition in June 2020. Our aim was to publish a weekly newspaper in the print format to inculcate and encourage the habit of physical reading. However with the current situation in mind, we have launched our fortnightly digital edition in the first phase and will introduce the print edition as things change.

Young minds need multifaceted inputs for an all-round development. To provide them with the required stimulation, while retaining their short attention spans, a lot of thought has gone into curating the content of the Junior Lens.

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