The Junior Lens Advantage

The content curated by the Junior Lens team aims to increase knowledge in a fun way and expose readers to a holistic view of what is happening across countries

The designing of the pages, colors used, mascots, puzzles all have been conceptualized to “attract, educate and stimulate”.

Brevity and relevance of content along with use of infographics will enable the child ease into and eventually cultivate the habit of reading.

Puzzles are theme based and are designed to stimulate left brains by requiring to find solutions based on patterns, known facts or principles and logic and reasoning. Notes to teachers/parents are included to identify learning objectives/areas.


  • Diverse content ranging from current affairs to history to science/technology to the animal world
  • Exposure to cultures of the world
  • News with pictures ensures that the content is attractive and “sticky”
  • Interviews that kids can relate to and be inspired by
  • Career guidance and information – to provide an understanding what a particular career is all about and also to emphasize how much of hard work goes into making any career – e.g. simply buying the best camera will not make you the best photographer. It takes years of struggle and practice to get there
  • Puzzles that hone problem solving, lateral thinking and word processing abilities
  • Parents corner – a little something for the adults
  • Self development – The attempt is to subtly approach sensitive topics such as self esteem, bullying etc. and come up with positive ways to deal with them. Most kids and parents struggle with communicating and dealing with such issues. This section can become an icebreaker / provide a starting point for children to communicate issues to their parents
  • Moving towards active participation and contributions from our  young achievers. Highlight their talent and encouragement for them

In the pipeline – classroom worksheets relating to the newspaper – to ensure that kids read and are engaged mentally.